Re: 64 bit Vista installation issue

What operating system are you currently running on your system? Is it XP 64 or XP 64 Pro?
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Information in my reply based on Intel's specs and comparison of their processors on their site and motherboard specs as stated on MSI's site.

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All Intel Dual Core CPUs are not 64 bit capable. Core Duo CPUs are not whereas Core 2 Duo CPUs are. The Pentium Dual Core Ex. CPUs which were released in 2007 are and earlier 2 core Pentium CPUs are not such as hyper threaded models are not.
Many MOBO manufacturers had to update their BIOS code when Vista was released so I do suggest that you check to make sure that you do have the latest BIOS for your MOBO.

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The processor and motherboard are 64 bit capable - in fact both specs are "impressive".
Depending upon the EE model - the processor is either "dual core" or "multi core?"

The following is confusing "...when I try to boot from the dvd, it doesn't even get that far....". How did you attempt installation? The 64 bit version cannot be installed as an upgrade from 32 bit - it must be a "clean" install - meaning via boot DVD.

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I've been trying to figure out lately why I am unable to install Vista
Home Premium 64 bit on my system. When I start the installation, I get
to where it finishes the "initializing setup" part, but the installation
screen itself never appears. All I get is a BSOD and I have to restart
my computer. I was just wondering if someone here could tell me if
there are any glaring compatibility issues between my hardware and vista
64 bit. I know the answer to this should be obvious, but it seems like
some part of my hardware is not actually 64 bit. Wouldn't be the worst
thing in the world, but I would like to know since I thought it all was.

Intel Pentium 4 EE 3.7Ghz Processor
MSI P4N Diamond Motherboard
2 x 1GB 240 pin DDR2
2 x Nvidia 7800GT Video Cards
WD Raptor SATA 80GB
Seagate IDE 250GB