WET not easy & not transferring

I am trying to create a backup of an HP Vista laptop with 2 physical drives
so I can send it to HP to have the LCD screen replaced under warranty. I am
using the migwiz.exe like I am going to migrate all my stuff to a new
machine because that would be the worst case scenario. I don't want just my
data backed up, I want everything. I don't expect HP to mess with the
drives, but you never know. The intention is to restore the latop in case HP
totally botches it. I am running the migwiz from the Vista laptop and
collecting everything over my network to an XP machine with more than enough
disk space. The collection of files and settings begins, but every time it
gets to the collction of accessibility settings, it fails.

"Windows Easy Transfer failed. Migwiz will now be canceled" (or words
similar). I get no explanation or indication of why it is failing. This has
happened 3 times, the third time I mapped a network drive to the vista
machine (as opposed to navigating to the directory's path via the network)
and there was no change. How can I get Windows "Easy" "Transfer" to actually
collect and transfer my stuff? Parden my frustration, but this is my 3rd
experience with WET and it has never worked correctly for me.
Many thanx,



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