Re: Switch from Japanese to English

On Sat, 2 Aug 2008 09:28:00 +1000, "Jane C"
<janecolman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Don,

Presumably your Vista Enterprise is in English, in which case then no, you
will not be able to upgrade your user's laptop. You can't upgrade from one
language to another.

You may be able to get a Japanese Enterprise DVD, check with your
reseller/account manager, however I'm not sure if upgrading from XP Home to
Enterpise is supported or not.

It isn't. Home Basic can only upgrade to Home Premium or to Ultimate.

(I may be able to test using Virtual PC
later - I've never tried upgrading anything to Enterprise as yet).

You should be able to get the MUI language packs for Enterprise as you
qualify under your Volume License for them.

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