Re: Disk Read Error During Install

The reason the retail upgrade costs less then a retail full install is because when you do an upgrade you are trading in your XP license as partial payment for the upgrade. So the only way you can upgrade is to do the upgrade on the C drive where your XP installation..
So if you can do a full backup of C before the Vista upgrade then you can recover if anything goes wrong during the upgrade. If all goes well then your vista system will have all of the data and programs that you had with XP.
You can search for assistance if you want a dual boot installation and you may find a way to do what you want, however, if you only have an upgrade install retail package the dual boot workaround will not be legal under the Upgrade version EULA.
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That's not good.
The system is configured with XP-Pro on C, Applications on D and Data on E.
Also has Games, Media, Backup and Storage as other partitions.

If the upgrade disregards the applications that are installed on the D-Partition then the upgrade is no good for us. That means a clean install is all we can do.

Of course it wont do that either.

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Disconnect the C-drive and try again with a full install.
If you try an upgrade you can only upgrade the XP installation that is on your C-Drive
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No. The C-Drive currently has XP Pro ... that's it. No other partition has an OS loaded on it.
Remember...we've tried a full install also (as oppose to an upgrade). That has the same error.

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Sounds like it is set correctly since it is set to boot from the partition where you are installing.
Do you have another OS installed on any other HDDs or HDD partitions on your system?
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My boot order is currently set to look at the DVD first, then the HD. Since the upgrade does not require to boot from the CD, maybe I can change the system to only look at the HD when it boots.

As far as the NTFS being different.... Google "Transaction NTFS"

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Since the installation appears to be not trying to read from the primary drive you are installing it on I made the suggestion I did.
I never said anything about the first controller I only mentioned the first SATA port if the SATA ports are numbered on your MOBO.
Is your BIOS set for the OS to boot from the primary drive you are trying to install on if your optical drive is empty?
I was not aware that there is more that there is more then one version of definition of the NTFS format do you have link that describes that there are different NTFS formats.
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We have it connected to the very first controller. The enumeration of SATA controllers begins at one that is what it is set to (unlike IDE drives ... enumeration is zero based). So I don't see that being an issue.

I've been curious about the NTFS structure. Since Vista has it's own NTFS, I assume the installation has to do a conversion. There is no evidence that this is happening (or not happening). If its an update, it would have to convert to the new NTFS first so that it does not destroy the existing data and Registry items. If your doing a clean install, you would expect it to let you know that it is doing a format (to the new NTFS). Like I said, there is no evidence either way of this action. We've tried the update twice and a clean install once so far with the same error. Once all the files are copied from the DVD to the harddrive and the computer reboots for the first time, it has a Disk Error Reading the Disk.

Thanks so far for you help.

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Some MOBOS do not support the auto boot process during a Vista installation if the destination drive is not on SATA port #1.
The SATA ports on my MOBO are numbered, are yours numbered?
"JCO" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23tX$wSG8IHA.3696@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes it's a SATA Drive and it is using the onboard controller, but I believe it is controller # 0 (zero).
Why is this an issue?
Windows XP-Pro had no issues installing.

All test ran on this drive shows the drive to be in perfect working order.
Don't know what else to do.

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If you are using a SATA drive with an onboard SATA controller and connections is the drive you are trying to install Vista on connected to SATA connector #1 on the MOBO? If not change it.
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The harddrive is a:
Seagate Barracuda® 7200.11 Hard Drive 500MB
I can't find tools that will check the harddrive.

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I multi post because that other group was a joke. I even stated on that NG that I'm moving to another NG since the response by zuoer was not take serious. So I will stay on this NG for now.

I read your "Detail" response. Most don't apply but I will download the Mfg software to test the harddrive. Although I'm sure there is nothing wrong with it. I don't understand what your talking about when you said I've tried 3-different operating systems. That's not what I said. I said we've tried the upgrade twice and then tried a clean install. On each of the same failure, we was able to restore to Windows XP Pro from a stored Image.

All components are less than 3 months old. We built the computer ourselves with good quality components. Been running Windows XP Pro flawlessly sense then. I do wonder if it has anything to do with SATA method of communication with the HD instead of IDE but that's a stretch. I have not checked the BIOS for any clues either.

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JCO wrote:

(snip multipost)

Asked and answered (by me in quite a bit of detail) in the other newsgroup
to which you posted. Please don't multipost; it makes more work for
everyone and will get you *less* help, not more. See this for why: - multiposting

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