Re: could not create a partition on disk 0

Error 80004005 is an ADO/ODBC error. It is a "generic" error that seldom
leads you to any solution. The error 80004005 indicates that you do not have
appropriate permissions to work on data or the data you want to get cannot
be made available for some reason. When associated with an install file that
results in failure to create a partition, it could mean anything from the
disk is bad to the install file is poorly written.

Have you used this "recovery" disk before? Did you make the recovery disc,
or did it come with the computer? Did "wipe the harddrive" include removal
of the recovery partition?

You state you are using a recovery disc. That would imply that everything is
automatic and a serial key is not needed, nor should you be going through
setup screens. Maybe more detail is needed.

"brennoIT" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

hi all got a problem with installing vista home basic (what a suprise)

i have an icom shell and the recovery disc came with that
i can get into the setup and insert the serial key accept the license
agreement then when its starts to copy files it comes up with this error
"could not create a partition on disk 0, the error occurred while
applying the unattend answer file's <diskconfiguration> setting. error
code 0x80004005"

i have completely wiped the harddrive (sata) and made sure everything
is vista compadible, i have gone through every setting in the bios. i
have also installed xp pro on it then tried to install vista but i
still get the same error

can anyone help PLZ!!!!