Re: Re-Installation of Vista Home Premium (32 bit)

No Windows product key expires due to reinstallation of the software on the same hardware.

Regardless of whether the software is OEM or retail, it may be reinstalled repeatedly without requiring a new pk. The only exception would be an OEM pk when both a motherboard and system hard drive have been replaced with non-repair replacements. Repair replacements (same exact models) are OK.

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The Product key ...

"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:

What license would Sidd have to purchase again? That does not sound right.

"Mohammed" <Mohammed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi Sidd,
> If you re-install the operating system obviously you have to purchase > the
> lisence once again but to avoid that and to remove the startup item > Follow
> these steps given below:
> Goto start> Regedit>enter> Hkey-Local Machine
>>software>Microsoft>windows>Current version> hightlight Run>on the right
> and delete the all the entries except Default and then Goto
> Start>Hkey-Current User>software>Microsoft>windows>Current version>
> hightlight Run>on the right Pane and delete the all the entries except
> Default and then restart the system in normal mode you will not find > the
> startup item traces again,
> "Sidd" wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am facing problems with the registry of the OS. When I install new
>> software, I get some unusual error messages pointing to registry... >> When
>> I
>> try to uninstall old software, it leaves traces of the software even >> on
>> the
>> Start up Menu.
>> Can I do a format of the entire hard disk, reinstall Vista Home >> Premium
>> (32
>> bit) again ?? Will it consider my old license or do I need to purchase >> an
>> additional license ?
>> If I do a clean installation of the entire OS, what will be the case >> for
>> Microsoft Office Student Edition 2003 ? Will it consume additional
>> license if
>> I clean install it ?
>> Let me know.
>> Thanks,
>> Sidd.