Re: Vista Ultimate-adding hard drive

Regardless, I was referring to the connectors on the mobo (some are raid and some are solo).

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I brought this drive back after trying to install it with Dell. They said it
was defective. I got a 1 TB Seagate, SATA, hard drive. It installed easily,
with directions from Dell's owner manual (different from the dell help).

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As Dustin suggests, it sounds like you have connected to a raid controller
instead of a standard controller.

"CdLsRN" <NOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a Dell XPS 420 desktop with 750 GB, and 4 gb memory. I tried to
add a Seagate 750GB hard drive today. I put it in according to Dell
instructions. went to BIOS setup . the drive was enabled properly. Only
with drive configuration in Auto Detect Raid was it detected. Then only
as 40 gb. Re-booted and windows wouldn't boot up. What went wrong here?