Re: activation problem

Boot into Vista Business, insert your DVD and do an in-place upgrade using the Product Key. After the (re)installation completes, you should be able to activate. Most likely you will need to phone it in.

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"r.bartlett" <r.bartlett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:5606AFF8-31A8-481A-A1D4-EA8F399822C3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi guy's

I did a new install with vista business. 'upgrade' . The reason for this
was a new hard drive. I couldn't -then- see the point of installing xp then
vista then start the long hard migration process. I was told of a work
around, so I did.

Now I'm getting 'activation' notices which when I try I get "this is an
upgrade pack not a clean install" failed

Now I have XP disks/codes here which are genuine -can I phone MS and would
they allow me to quote a XP product key rather than having to go through the
whole process again?

All software legit and above board - can send pics to prove ;-)

Any help/work around most welcome