Re: No display with 4GB + 512MB Video

In addition to PvdG42's post - did you "put back" the original memory? If
so - result?

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I have seen postings with computers with 4GB where vista cannot see all
ram. I have a computer and recently upgraded to 4GB from 2GB. I already
have a nvidia 8600GT video card.

I dont get any display and sometimes the display comes and it shows 4GB
but lasts for 5mts before the monitor shuts down to no display.
Any ideas how to fix this problem so I can get at least the display ?
dont mind reduced RAM since I am hoping to move to 64 bit if I can find
the drivers I need.


Before installing the additional RAM, did the video card/video drivers
work correctly? If so, the additional RAM you installed might be faulty.
Try a reliable memory testing tool like MemTest86.