Re: Reinstalling Vista

It will still work. In the event is says the key is already in use, it will just require a phone call to Microsoft to activate the product. This is only because the MS servers see that it was already activated. Now, it is being activated again, so they question whether or not it's on a different machine, or the same one just being reinstalled. But, you are able to reinstall and activate without purchasing another license. With OEM, though, only as long as it is on the same hardware (or same motherboard, anyway).

As for Office 2007, same thing. Although, I've never had to make the phone call with that one myself. And I've reinstalled several times.


Dustin Harper
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"Doric" <Doric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4DCD093B-2F5A-4940-AFF7-A242F6C55A90@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a custom built PC with an OEM vista home premium. After having it run
vista for over a year, it has start to slow down alot. Cleaning out the
registry, defraging and cleanign the hard drive does nothing so im assuming a
fresh vista install will sort it all out. Thing is, will my product key still
work as ive heard numerous stories of people being froced to purchase new
keys due to vista not recognising their hardware. Furthermore, i have a 1
license version of office 2007 ultimate which was being given away at an
extremely low price as a deal with microsoft. Will my office key still work.
I have done clean installs on my old xp computer before no problem but now
microsoft has introduced strict rules on product keys etc, im not sure
weather its worth the risk on my vista PC. Anyone got any advice?

Thanks in advance