Re: Getting back to the hidden restore partition Vista.

"Steve" <Steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:F267F217-F9EF-414B-AFDC-4402D9F5CA89@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Is there a disk or a utility that can get me back to put vista back on my

What I did was format the C: Drive and installed WinXP as I had probs
getting on with Vista but I am finding I am having more problems with WinXP
than I did with Vista.

Its cracking me up as ZooStorm dont give out disks for windows vista and
they dont provide a way of creatig a backup disk, Just the partition.

I hope I can be helped as I would really be very gratefull to have Vista Back.


Contact the vendor and ask them how to re-install Vista from the recovery partition..

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