Re: Vista install problem

Well now, you just said you had "a new retail copy" and, silly me, I believed you.

No, you don't get free support from MS. You shouldn't have used an OEM copy in the first place. The license that comes with those only permit installation on a computer for sale to a customer. You can't be your own customer (unless you are schizophrenic, but then they send you to one of those places where they let you hide your own Easter eggs). Further, the license requires the purchaser to provide support for the customer. It looks like you are your own support.

One thing which I spotted in your specs is the four sticks of DDR3 1333 ram. That may be the problem. In fact, I think it is.

Just because the mobo mfg states that the product supports 1333 ram and that it supports four dimms it does NOT follow that the mobo will support four dimms at 1333. I know for a fact that a couple of boards I have seen that support both DDR2 and DDR3 will only support two sticks of DDR3 even though four sticks of DDR2 works. Other boards will support two sticks of the highest supported dram speed but the dram speed has to be decreased for four sticks.

Try with only two sticks and if needed drop the dram speed to 1066.

In the meantime, even though getting on the ASUS site is painful (the only thing I know of that is slower is constipation), you need to investigate.

"inkeyes" <inkeyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2F9145C2-36B8-4928-BEEF-EE0E9BAC38D9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have an OEM copy of vista since i built this PC, does this mean i cannot
get MS support?

"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:

Then you are entitled to use the phone number listed in the media kit for
your region for free installation support from MS. They promise to get you
up and running for free.

"inkeyes" <inkeyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> The DVD drive is 1st in the boot order.
> The copy of vista is home premium 32bit and its a new retail copy.
> PC specs:
> asus P5E3 motherboard
> Intel Wolfdale core 2 duo 3.16ghz
> OCZ 4 x 1gb sticks (DDR3 1333mghz platinum edition)
> BFG 9800GX2 gfx card
> cooler master 850W psu
> creative x-fi sound card
> Seagate 500gb hard drive
> if you need any more info give me a shout.
> I have done a RAM test using memtest86 and it came back 100% pass no
> errors.
> I can get into bios and it all seems fine. Really have no idea why the
> install process freezes.
> Really appreciate the help.
> "Colin Barnhorst" wrote:
>> Since the dvd (I know you meant to say dvd rather than cd) is booting >> the
>> system it appears your boot order is OK in the BIOS.
>> Disconnect all but essential devices, especially flash drives and
>> external
>> usb hard drives.
>> You need to give the hardware specs for your computer and what edition >> of
>> Vista you are using and whether it is x86 or x64.
>> Is the dvd one that came with the computer and is it a recovery dvd? >> If
>> you
>> bought Vista at retail you are entitled to free support for >> installation
>> from MS. If Vista came preinstalled on the computer you need to >> contact
>> the
>> mfg for support.
>> "inkeyes" <inkeyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:F1F8A349-F2F6-4249-8C7F-E3CF220B0F12@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > Hi,
>> > Iv just bought a new PC, I put the vista CD in the drive and power >> > up
>> > the
>> > computer.
>> > A screen appears saying "windows is loading files" and a bar that
>> > slowly
>> > fills up.
>> > Once the bar is full (suggesting all the files have been loaded), a >> > new
>> > bar
>> > appears with microsoft corporation written underneath it.
>> > From looking at online install guides it appears that there should >> > be a
>> > moving green block within this new bar however, it is completely >> > empty
>> > and
>> > nothing happens. I have tried to install several times and left it >> > for
>> > 40
>> > mins or so each time, but i keep getting the same problem - i get to
>> > that
>> > stage and it seems the install freezes.
>> >
>> > Any ideas?
>> > Any help is greatly appreciated, i really have no idea what the >> > problem
>> > is
>> >