Re: Upgrading to vista 64 bit

You will be just fine with the x64 dvd and your upgrade edition product key. You will boot with the dvd, enter your upgrade pk, and Setup will immediately scan your computer for existing Windows. It will find XP and then let you proceed. Once it lets you proceed you no longer need the existing Windows and are free to use the disk tools to do whatever you want. You can delete the XP partition entirely and start with a new partition for Vista, which I suggest folks do.

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I also wanted to install 64-bit version of Vista over 32-bit XP. Before
I had purchased Home Premium Upgrade, I had read on Microsoft's website
that you can indeed use the upgrade to do a clean install of the 64-bit
version by choosing a custom install. However you need to have the
original OS on your computer so that the installation can verify that
you own the original OS. This is exactly what Microsofts website states



Here's the page from Microsoft's website- 'Installation choices for
64-bit consumer versions of Windows Vista'

I hope I am correct because i purchased the upgrade with the intent of
installing 64-bit version. BTW-I'm still waiting on my 64-bit disk.



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