Re: Upgrading to vista 64 bit

Upgrade functionality (that retains apps, files, and settings) would be enabled when going from Vista Home Basic x64 to Vista Home Premium x64 or Vista Ultimate x64, and from Vista Home Premiumx64 or Vista Business x64 to Vista Ultimate x64.

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According to the vista pages on the microsoft site, you cannot "upgrade" from
a 32bit XP to a 64bit vista, and must do a clean install, but it is ambiguous
as to what upgrade means. Does this mean that an original install version
(much more expensive) must be purchased, or can the upgrade version be used
on a clean hard drive as long as the XP key or whatever is put in to make it
recognize that you are upgrading?

Is there an upgrade version of 64 given that it can't be installed over the top of any
other OS and retain the settings? What would be the point?

Tom Lake


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