Re: Upgrading to vista 64 bit

Not correct. In fact just the opposite. The x64 Setup will not run on a 32bit OS. Even when using the upgrade edition.

"Mark H" <jmhonzell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ukvLrmG2IHA.2188@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
It is my understanding (I'm sure someone will be happy to correct me) that
the x64 upgrade (like the x86 upgrade) must be started from within the
current operating system. Vista x64 uses a 64-bit installer. Because of
this, you cannot start the upgrade process from within a 32-bit OS.

That said, going from 32-bit to 64-bit is more commonly refered to as
"migration." It requires a clean install

A clean install can be performed with an upgrade labeled disk of either
bit-ness. Instructions are just about everywhere the word Vista appears.
(The product key, not the disk determines if it is an upgrade.) This upgrade
"clean install" receives promises and threats that _someday_, _someone_ will
catch you and invalidate your activation. So procede at your own risk to
keep those extra dollars.

"Mr Bennett" <MrBennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
According to the vista pages on the microsoft site, you cannot "upgrade"
a 32bit XP to a 64bit vista, and must do a clean install, but it is
as to what upgrade means. Does this mean that an original install version
(much more expensive) must be purchased, or can the upgrade version be
on a clean hard drive as long as the XP key or whatever is put in to make
recognize that you are upgrading?