Re: Ultimate will not install over my Home Premium

I did uninstall Vista SP1 and and tried Ultimate again and it was then able
to upgrade however I ran into another problem. It told me there was a device
problem and I ran ran Vista Update advisor and it told me Vista will not
support my Nvida GeForce 8800 GT. This is strange because my Vista home
premium is running with and it works fine. I did go to the nvida site and
downloaded the lastest Vista drivers for the 8800 GT rebooted and again Vista
update advisor told me Vista will not run with this video card.
So again I am unable to upgrade to Ultimate.
Any ideas on this problem>


"Mike Hall - MVP" wrote:

"Jim" <Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a full version of Home Premium and have been running it for a year
I bought Vista Ultimate upgrade. However when I try and install and
to Premium I get a message saying...

You need a newer version of this software to upgrade.

I am running Vista SP1. It offers to do a clean install, which I do not

What does Ultimate want?? It is so vague.

If it is an upgrade it certainly does not need a clean install.

Any help on this?


If you are running Vista SP1, and the version of Vista on the DVD is
pre-SP1, it will not upgrade the system. If you have installed SP1 as an
update to your system, you can uninstall it, run the upgrade and then
re-apply SP1..

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