Re: installing vista onto second hard drive

You won't save money. You would only save money if you planned to overwrite the XP already on your computer. But if you want to continue to use the XP as well as the Vista, then just buy the full edition of Vista. Full editions are a lot less hassle anyway just because of issues like these. The operating system is so important to your computer that it is not the place to skimp. If you need to save money do it by using Open Office and things like that.

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no i havent bout the upgrade i was wondering that so if to save me some money
instead of purchasing the full

"Timothy Daniels" wrote:

Barnhorst, you da Man!! What a fine line you walk,
and you walk it well.


"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:
> [.........]
> The Vista upgrade license only requires you to OWN a license
> for Windows that is eligible for upgrade to Vista. It does not
> require it to be installed on the computer. [.....]
> Do you have any software like that?
> If not, then I would go to eBay and buy a retail copy of
> Windows 2000. The seller should say whether or not the item
> is available for transfer to a new computer. That is what you
> want to hear. Buy it. [........]