Re: Ultimate will not install over my Home Premium

The copy of Ultimate that you purchased doesn't have SP1 on the disc right?

If it does it will stated on the disc that SP1 is included.

If the disk doesn't have SP1 then it won't upgrade.

"Jim" <Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1FBBCEB8-2E4C-474E-9DEF-F54621390A69@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have a full version of Home Premium and have been running it for a year or
I bought Vista Ultimate upgrade. However when I try and install and upgrade
to Premium I get a message saying...

You need a newer version of this software to upgrade.

I am running Vista SP1. It offers to do a clean install, which I do not want.

What does Ultimate want?? It is so vague.

If it is an upgrade it certainly does not need a clean install.

Any help on this?