Re: My old computer died

You never know what kinds of things folks read. It was prominently discussed on Paul Thurott's Supersite at the time and that is fairly widely read.

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On Thu, 26 Jun 2008 09:49:43 -0600, "Colin Barnhorst"
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I think he may be referring to a proposed one-time-rule during Vista beta 1.

Thanks for the info, Colin... but IMO it doesn't look as if "the King"
is that computer savvy.

It actually appeared in the EULA that accompanied the early builds. The
techbeta folks spotted it right away and raised holy hell because techbeta
testers happen to also be the kind of technology entusiasts who like to keep
up with hardware advances and so tend to move their copies of Windows
several times. The outcry was such that MS relented and dropped making
retail Vista a one-time-transfer license. You have more things to thank the
techbeta testers for than just bug swatting.

It was long gone by the time beta 2 released for public trial through the
CPP in mid-2006. Unfortunately it was blogged during beta 1 (should not
have been) by some techbeta folks and so reached the general public. The
one hangover from all of that was in the Anytime Upgrade license but MS
finally had to give that up too. So he was right and he was wrong. It was
changed before, not after, Vista released.

"Nonny" <nonnymoose@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Brian the King <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The 'one time only' thing did exist, but I had forgotten Microsoft
changed that a while after Vista was released. Thank you for correcting

Read his reply carefully "King". It never existed as you described it
except in your royal imagination.

Colin Barnhorst;758803 Wrote:
There is no such thing as a one-time transfer for Windows OSs. If the
was preinstalled it may not be moved even once. If it is a retail copy
may be moved as many times as needed as long as it is not installed on
than one computer at a time.

Anytime Upgrade licenses were limited to one transfer until Vista SP1
released. Those licenses have been changed in SP1 to allow transfer
the upgraded Windows if the upgraded Windows is itself transferrable.

"Brian the King" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
news:6f57631a945fa9617a6aecc9d1e4882b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > >
> >
> > All you can do is try. It may let you transfer the key over to > > your
> new
> > computer but, Vista is kind of finicky about that sort of thing..
> >
> > Supposedly you can move your license from one computer to another,
> one
> > time only. So, again, it should work, but you'll just have to try
> > and
> > see what it says.
> >
> > Edit:
> > Colin Barnhorst;758502 Wrote:> > > > >
> > >> If your Vista came preinstalled on your old machine then you
> > >> cannot
> > use
> > >> the
> > >> product key any more. In particular it would not work with
> > >> retail
> > >> copies of
> > >> Vista. Also, preinstalled Vista is not transferrable to > > >> another
> > >> computer
> > >> even if the old one dies. Preinstalled Vista and the computer
> > >> are
> > one
> > >> product.
> > >>
> > >> If you purchased Vista at retail you may use it on your new
> > computer.
> > >> Just
> > >> how you go about doing that depends on what you are running on
> > >> the
> > new
> > >> computer now and whether your retail copy of Vista is an > > >> upgrade
> > >> edition or
> > >> standard...> > > > >
> > Good call Colin, this would all be useful to know :p
> >
> >
> > --
> > Brian the King > >


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