Re: Vista install loads BOOTSECT.BAK to second HDD

Is D:\ really a second drive or is it a second partition on your first hard drive? If you're not sure right click on Computer and select Manage and then Drive Management. That will show you where D: is.

If you got Vista preinstalled on your computer then the "D: drive" is most likely the hidden recovery partition at the end of the same drive as C: and would show as you describe and be labelled D:. Those partitions are usually about 10GB and should not be used for for user files.

What leads me to suspect this is that partitions on a second HARD DRIVE would be enumerated following the optical drive(s). That would make D: a cd/dvd drive. A restore partition would be a system partition and would be D: because it would be the second partition on the first hard drive rather than the first partition on a second hard drive. Partitions on a second hard drive would be enumerated starting with E: or F:, depending on whether you have one optical drive or two.

"jamesph" <jamesph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:70D64DD6-6A38-4042-A704-AACE34BE7C4B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes thanks I was just mistyfied that the D: drive showed in disk manager up
as the System, Active, drive....which I thought would be the C: drive.
(when all that is on it is the 8kb BOOTSECT.BAK file)

"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:

As for bootsect.bak, why would you want the boot sector backup on the same
hard drive as the boot sector it's backing up? Wouldn't you want to guard
it against loss of the boot drive itself? Think about it.

Windows will always show a 750GB (advertised capacity) as 698GB (real
capacity) because hard drives are marketed using decimal calculations (makes
the drive sound bigger) while Windows will use a binary calculation. You
are seeing the correct numbers.

Unless I am missing your point you are describing a correctly configured

"jamesph" <jamesph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> during install of Vista ultimate to new system with 2 x 750GB Sata > HDD..I
> partitioned 100GB of the first disk (0) to take the Vista system. > Windows
> asked where to put the installation and I highlighted the new partition
> but
> then it indicated it needed space to put what I thought it said was the
> System Volume? and that there was enough space on the disk I
> thought
> it meant partition 1 and highlighted that and clicked yes in the > dialogue
> window...after the install I saw that it had placed a file of 8kb > namely
> BOOTSECT.BAK onto the second HDD. In disk management disks show as c:
> Simple
> Basic NTFS Healthy (Boot,Page File, Crash Dump, Primary partition) and > the
> second disk as D: simple Basic NTFS Healthy (System, Active,Primary
> Partition)....Also Both disks show total storage as 698GB each ? Whats
> going
> on and can I do anything other than a new install ? If a new install is
> needed (I havent activated vista yet) what should i do second time
> around....thanks for any help
> jph