Re: installing vista onto second hard drive

For most users you have two ways to do a parallel installation of 32bit Vista. Boot with the dvd as Carey says and select the second drive or start Vista setup from the XP desktop and select the second hard drive for the installation. You cannot do this with an upgrade edition of Vista and continue to use the existing XP because of a licensing requirement in upgrade editions that says you must discontinue use of the Windows you are upgrading from. A standard (full) edition makes no such requirement even if you use its upgrade functionality in performing the installation so you want to purchase a full edition and not an upgrade edition.

Before you continue you need to ensure that you have Vista drivers for your computer. Vista will most likely contain most if not all but there is no garuntee. Check your computer mfg's website for drivers and for special instructions for upgrading to Vista.

"jkiejr" <jkiejr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:7F824504-AAAE-48B0-AC2D-CE212B6B2022@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i have two 320 gb sata hard drives the first one i have installed has xp
running on it i want to install the second one and put vista on it. i have to
things i want to know do i need a full version of vista or just and upgrade.
and how would i go on and do this but vista on the second drive