Re: Vista install blue screens repeatedly

It sounds like you can stop installing Vista until you find out what the hardware issue is.

Because it is a common problem these days, I suspect the ram configuration. A mobo that supports 8GB of ram and supports, say 1333, does not necessarily support 8Gb running at 1333. It may be that it supports 2 dimms at 1333 or 4 dimms at 800. That's true even if it posts with all 4 dimm slots filled.

Mobos are a bundle of compromises, especially those tailored to the gaming community. Commonly a very high speed is supported for 2 dimms because that's the usual gaming configuration but using all four dimms requires clocking down or slower ram. The problem is that the memory controller can't maintain stability over the greater electrical distance to the furthest slots at the higher frequency. This is especially true when using a 64bit OS.

"Volund" <Volund@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:873D1BB6-92D7-4506-843A-278D875E7926@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-I have done 4 clean installs (format and re-install)

-Using Vista-64 Home basic on a XFX nVidia 780i mobo with 8gb of OCZ paired
ram (4x2gb), a intel Q6600 quad core, and 2x MSI 8800GTS in SLI...

-What would be really nice is if someone could tell me how to sign up for
OEM support as an individual, as I build systems for fun, not for a company.
I don't feel like paying a support tech nearly 60$ for a piece of software
that is supposed to come with free support.