Re: My old computer died

All you can do is try. It may let you transfer the key over to your new
computer but, Vista is kind of finicky about that sort of thing..

Supposedly you can move your license from one computer to another, one
time only. So, again, it should work, but you'll just have to try and
see what it says.

Colin Barnhorst;758502 Wrote:
If your Vista came preinstalled on your old machine then you cannot use
product key any more. In particular it would not work with retail
copies of
Vista. Also, preinstalled Vista is not transferrable to another
even if the old one dies. Preinstalled Vista and the computer are one

If you purchased Vista at retail you may use it on your new computer.
how you go about doing that depends on what you are running on the new
computer now and whether your retail copy of Vista is an upgrade
edition or

Good call Colin, this would all be useful to know :p

Brian the King