RE: Install Hangs for x64 Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1 on ICH

Problem identified with both the "Native IDE" and "AHCI+IDE" modes of the
JMicron (JMB36X) onboard controller. Issue went away when I:

1. Removed all SATA HDDs from the JMicron
2. Disable the JMicron controller at the BIOS level
3. Use the "RAID+IDE" mode of the JMicron.

This last solution worked well for me. All 5 O/S'es can now use the 1TB
RAID on the ICH9R, and one or both HDDs on the JMicron (I'm currently running
the latter in non-RAID configuration). Apparently, the default SATA IDE
driver of Vista x64 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 cannot handle the JMicron;
and even JMicron's own Jraid.sys driver has issues when running "AHCI+IDE"
mode. Under the "RAID+IDE", I get NCQ and hot swap features, even when the
drives are not actually runing in a RAIDset.
OS: WinXP SP3 x86, Win2003 SP2 x64 & x86, Win2008 x64, Vista x64 SP1
CPU: Intel Q6600 Quad Core
Video: ATI HD 3450 PCIe with 512MB, with latest ATI Catalyst Drivers.
NIC: Marvell 88E8052 Gigabyte LAN PCIe
Mobo: DFI LP UT P35-T2R
Mem: 8GB (4x2GB Patriot Viper PC2-8500, 5-5-5-15)
Disk: 5 x WD 5001ABYS Caviar RE2, 500 GB each;
and Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD753LJ, 750GB (external enclosure, eSATA)
Raid: ICH9R 4xHDD RAID10 = 1TB
Other HDD: non-RAID config on JMicron SATA (running in RAID+IDE mode)
DVD: HP DVD Writer 1040r (IDE)