Re: not recognizing version

It's an OEM DVD. . . any change in your suggestion?

"Colin Barnhorst" wrote:

It sounds like you have a retail Vista dvd so perform an In-Place-Upgrade
with no SP1 installed unless the Vista dvd is a very recent one and has SP1
integrated (it doesn't sound like it from your posts).

This is similar to XP's Repair Install. You must start Vista Setup from the
desktop and then you proceed as in a normal upgrade installation. It will
not disturb your apps, files, and settings but make a backup anyway. It
will completely replace the OS with a clean copy and that should get rid of
any corrupted files and catalogs. Those are usually the cause of Windows
Update failures.

If you are using a laptop you must go onto AC (I think Setup will not let
you proceed on battery). You will need to catch up with Windows Update
again afterwards.

"SteveM" <SteveM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Removed sp1, reinstalled updates (failed) again tried to change product
said it was activated but key didn't change. Just to be clear, the
load was an evaluation copy, never removed but installed over. It no
says evaluation copy in right corner, but numerous updates have failed.
reinstalled MS regsvr32 wintrust.dll

"Mick Murphy" wrote:

Read the above link on how to uninstall Beta SP1, then install released
version SP1
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"SteveM" wrote:

I started with the evaluation version given at a show. Purchased a full
install (OEM) version, did upgrade. After installing service pack 1 all
seemed well. Bottom right of screen still says evaluation copy and a
comes up saying times almost up get a real version. Changed the product
multiple times and it keeps kicking back. What next?