Re: repartitioning Vista to dual boot with XP

3rd party partitioning software work far better than anything that Microsoft has included in Vista. Any problems I have had have been quickly sorted using a 3rd party application whereas Vista's own disk management hit a brick wall and couldn't even partition properly.


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You could back up the contents of your Data partition and then delete it. Vista, by default, can create 3 primary partitions. The fourth will usually turn into an extended partition which can be subdivided into logical partitions. Third party partitioning software gives you more control over partitioning than Vista own disk management, so I would tend to use something like Paragon Hard Disk Manager suite 2008 or even Acronis
Disk Director. Of course there are others, but I favour these two.

Read and .
Mixing Vista/WinPE/Win2008 Server partitioning
and pre-Vista (and 3rd party) partitioning is dangerous.