Re: Vista Home Basic Install Problem

You couldn't get it to install from XP because OEM copies don't have any upgrade functionality. Only retail copies do that. OEM copies are not meant for end users anyway. They are for people who put together computers for sale to customers.

You don't give any info about your computer, such as the make and model or mobo, types of hdds, memory, video card or anything else so it is hard to tell what is not working right. Please post back with your specs and whether the Vista dvd is a branded disc.

"Bobster" <Bobster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A9EDD79E-683A-4B01-9383-D31BF9D3A003@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm having the same issue with a oem vista reinstall. No matter what I do I
get the same message. I have tried all the usual things(format, delete
partitions, installing xp 1st, etc, etc) but to no avail.

"KenH" wrote:

I bought an OEM version of Vista to upgrade my XP machine. Couldn't seem to
get it to install from XP, so I wiped the HD and booted from the Vista
install DVD. After 15-20 minutes of trying to copy files from DVD to HD, I
get a message: Windows Setup could not reinitialize the deployment engine -
To install Windows restart the installation. But I seem to get the same
message after restarting the install.
Anyone have any idea how to get past this issue, to a successful Vista