Re: Windows Vista Home Premium

Hi: You have two questions here:

Starting from the end.

If you get the option to start your previous version of windows XP, means
that basically you did not format your hard disk.Probably you made an
instalation in the same partition. If you do not want to speed up the
selection and let as deault Windows Vista, just go to.
Start->Settings->Control panel->System-> Advanced system settings->Start up
and Recovery -> Settings -> system startup, there you have the default
operating system. Select windows vista and between 1 to 5 seconds to display
the messague.

About the video issue, as far as I know you be able to reproduce DVD. If you
plan to reproduce maybe divx, you will need the appropiate codecs.

Check the type of file that you plan to reproduce.

Un saludo
Juan Perez

"Petroman" <Petroman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I installed Vista on my PC it was running XP pro, every thing seems to be
working except I need a co-dec for media player it wont play hadly any
Also my main question; When I boot up after installing Vista a Doss screen
comes up and it asked if I want to boot to Vista or an older version? How
I stop this and I was under the impression that when I installed Vista it
formated "C" it said it did.
David "Cowboy" Clepper