Re: How to re-install Ultimate without the full or upgrade disk? Microsoft Ultimate Upgrade Digital Locker issue?

I've done the same thing a few times. It's a major PITA.
0. Put the small License file from Digital Locker on a USB.
1. "Clean" install Vista Business without a product key. (You own the
qualifying XP, so I don't really care how you start the upgrade. If you
want, install XP first.) When you install, uncheck any boxes that update
online or activate upon completion.
2. Install Vista Buisness, with the product key originally purchased. Again,
bypass online updates. But, you MUST activate for Windows Anytime Upgrade to
work next.
3. Now, insert the USB and double-click the license file. This will perform
the third install of Vista taking you to Ultimate. Again, bypass online
updates. But, activate. (NOTE: You may have to talk to a rep to activate if
it has been less than 120 days since this version was last activated.)
4. Once done, download any driver updates you need from specific
5. Now, get all Vista online updates. You must get them all to successfully
install up to a point before Service Pack 1 will become available.
6. When presented, install Service Pack 1.
7. Delete any Windows.Old directory.
8. Now... most important:
Connect an external HDD and make a full backup.
Next time you want a "clean" install, restore the backup. It takes 20
minutes, it's already activated and has all updates.

Finer details of when to remove install DVD, and how to answer various
prompts have been left out for the three installs required to restore Vista

<markharris2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a PC which originally in 2006 had XP, then I used Vista
Business Upgrade disk and License to upgarde to Vista Business last
year. Worked fine. Then I spent $139 around xmas with Microsoft's
online Ultimate Upgrade and they sent me the Full all-versions DVD and
an email with some Digital Locker code. Windows Ultimate Vista is now
perfectly installed.

So, Now I want to scrap that old PC and put the Ultimate license on a
new PC I have which has no operating system on it currently.

1. I understand I can transfer the license to the new PC by
uninstalling Vista and formatting the older PC's hard disk, but...

2. I am not sure how to proceed because I do NOT have a Ultimate
upgrade disk, just the all-version Vista disk. For that matter I am
not even sure where my Ultimate license is since Microsoft sent it to
me in some kind of Digital Locker token. I have the Vista Business
Upgrade disk and license there too. And I have the original XP disk
and license.

I would like to just re-install whatever to get to a Ultimate Vista
machine using my existing license(s).

Suggestions on a path to take would be helpful.