Re: Black Screen

SomeOne.. wrote:

Well, the computer is about 6 months old,

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
GPU: nVidia Geforce 8500GT
Ram: 2047 Mb
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

There is activity and such, after about 10 minutes the arrow appears, but
there is nothing to click on, it'ts a black background.

The computer starts, it checks the discs and all that stuff.
Then it asks to push a button to start from the dvd, so I do that, it
loads the files, then the windows loading bar comes up. but then it's just
a black screen, so I can't choose to repair the computer ...

Why would you be getting a prompt to start from the DVD? Either you've
removed the hard drive from the boot order or the hard drive has failed.
Time to:

1. Do hardware troubleshooting yourself; or

2. Call the computer mftr.'s tech support since it's only 6 months old and
presumably still under warranty; or

3. Take the machine to a local computer repair shop.

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