Re: Downgrading from Vista to XP

Well 1st of all do you have a retail XP CD ??
Did your laptop at one time have XP on it ?? do you have the recovery CD's for your laptop (XP)
Have you Backed up everything that you want to save to an external medium
Do you have all of the Original CD for the programs/Games that are presently installed on your System??

If the Laptop originally came with XP installed you would just need to use those original Restore CD' would wipe everything off the drive and restore to "just purchased" state. Then all XP updates would need to be downloaded and reapplied.Then All Programs would need to be reinstalled.

If your Laptop came with Vista would need to go to Toshiba website and look for XP drivers for your particular laptop.
If they have them.. great download and save to a CD/DVD.If no XP drivers...use at your own risk....
Warranty will be voided......Using a Retail version of XP of your Choice insert CD and let Installation installation...Format HD...Install.
Then install those Toshiba drivers...........if no drivers maybe the native XP drivers will work...maybe not and the painstaking process of tracking down individual drivers begins....once that’s done install all updates...then all of your programs.

If it is a recent purchase Toshiba might have a "downgrade" their number and check.

now does that not sound like a nice sunny summer day wasted...

What older Games are not compatible????


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"Teelzy" <Teelzy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A52562E9-E0E8-4F90-81B4-FDD0E8AABB5C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am wanting to get rid of the monster Vista and go back to using my old OS
(XP). I am extremely tired of the incompatability of Vista with many of my
older games that I have come to love. Beside this, I also can't see any pros
in Vista over XP.

All my complaining aside, what are the steps I need to take to go back to
XP. I have an F45-AV413 Qosmio by Toshiba (Laptop). I am going to need some
step by step assistance most likely, but I have done alot of reinstalling but
never a downgrade, I have also heard that there may be some compatability

Any and all help is very appreciated, thanks in advance.