Re: Vista upgrade from xp problem

Disconnect all non-essential hardware, especially usb devices other than the keyboard and mouse. Does that help?

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Hi all
my problem is this:
i have XP media 2005 edition and am trying to upgrade to Vista Home Premium.
The first parts of the upgrade works fine, untill i am about 48% through the
'compleating upgrade' (after installing the upgrades). The screen goes blank
at this point and then the system reboots.
After the loading screen, the screen goes blank with only the mouse pointer.
The mouse does respond, but after waiting up to an hour nothing else happens.

I have tried booting in safemode, but when it loads, a message indicates
that i have to finish the install process before i can use safemode.

My system is fully compatible for upgrade.
system specs:
2.2ghz duel cpu
3gb ram
256mb NVidia GPU

I am running the monitor with a standard VGA input, and i suspect this may
be an issue. I am considering a clean install on a seprate partition, but i
suspect the results will be the same.

Thanks for any help