Re: Dual booting Vista and XP such that the other is invisible?

sam;755342 Wrote:
My desired setup is very simple:

Dirve 0: Primary Partition for current XP, another Primary Partition
for a new install of Vista
Drive 1: The data drive

I absolutely must have the data drive, Drive 1, be the D drive. I
have a lot of applications that expect to find the data there and I
need to switch between the two OS's seamlessly (I am a software
developer and testing in both OS's)

I have tried installing Vista twice now and both times the D drive is
the XP primary partition. It looks like Microsoft is using the XP
partition as the boot partition, even when booting Vista. The XP
partition is first, so I am not surprised.

What I need is some way of booting up so that the partition that XP is
on is hidden, which I know is one of the states a Primary partition
can be in. Back in years gone by, I did this with System Commander,
but there has to be a less expensive (free) way of doing it today.
Does anyone have any recommendations?


the way i do it is to create a 2 gig active partition then create the
the logical partitions and install xp then vista the 2 gig partition
holds the boot files only.

you would have to make the active partition larger as this is d drive
when booting into vista and xp then encrypt vista if your running
ultimate and you should have what you want