Re: Downgrading from Vista to XP

Contact Toshiba on one of theeir tech support lines.

Make sure you have All the drivers, as well as a XP2 disc. They may
send them to you.

although I had a Dell Dimensins 2400, and was out of Warrantee, They
sent me an XP disc and then assisted ( read Did All The Work) of doing
a reinstall..

Let them know you are dissatisfied with Vista and want to " Roll
Back to XP"

they've doubtless heard this before, and want to keep what customers
they have.

Perseverance pays off.

- else, it's Ubuntu, a very good set of user friendly code.


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Buy a PC that has winxp installed

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I am wanting to get rid of the monster Vista and go back to using my old OS
(XP). I am extremely tired of the incompatability of Vista with many of my
older games that I have come to love. Beside this, I also can't see any
in Vista over XP.

All my complaining aside, what are the steps I need to take to go back to
XP. I have an F45-AV413 Qosmio by Toshiba (Laptop). I am going to need
step by step assistance most likely, but I have done alot of reinstalling
never a downgrade, I have also heard that there may be some compatability

Any and all help is very appreciated, thanks in advance.