Re: Vista64 installs OK but then.


Check your hardware detection settings as well as master/slave settings on the individual drives. This isn't a windows issue, it's a hardware one.

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G'day :)
I'm posting here in hopes of someone helping me solve my problem with
I am currently running vista32,have 3 Hard drives, with one being for
OS,2 for data.
SO in the pursuit of great things, bought Vista64,and just to make life
easier,a new HDD to install to.
Unpluged all existing HDD's and connected new HDD,began the new install
well it installed ok,even did some updates online,then i thought, time
to connect the Data drives.
well everything went pearshaped:sick:,nothing but a blank screen.
disconnected the new HDD and reconnected the vista32,presto,all good
so after some disscution with my supplier,got a new HDD.
Start again,this time loaded the ich9r driver at the load driver
screen,then install,
all good,loaded the M/B drivers,all good, connected the Data
disks,:sick: blank screen.
we pluged the HDD into a XP pro machine, and checked in disk
management,all ok, active partition,with windows files.
reconnected to my M/B, and nothing, doesnt even find disk connected.
I am stuck! and would love some help, please.
after googleing [for some days now] have found nothing that helps me
fix this problem
and I am not that savy with computers,usually they just work.But not
this time...
my config~
q6600, GA X38 DQ6, 4x1Gig 800ram, 8800gt 512 vid card.