Re: Installing 64bit Vista with SATA drives

You do know that raid 0 has no redundency, lose one hd and you lose

You first read the mobo manual to see whether you have to amend bios
settings for raid,
You configure the raid in the raid bios, then install win

"Ron O'Brien" <castcall@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I know this is probably a very newbie question but here goes....

I have a new built machine that has an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard which I
want to install 2x 320gig SATA2 hard drives as RAID0

Question: I've never never installed SATA drives, I know that when I
connect them up and try to run Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, it will ask
me if I need to install SATA drivers (which I have from the Intel CD)
but.... what then happens?

1. I only have one DVD drive so do I then take out the windows CD and
insert the Intel driver CD or do I put the drivers on a USB stick or

2. How do I format the disks and is it straight forward to set up the RAID

Any guide/advice appreciated coz I don't like surprises :-)