Re: SPWIZENG.DLL is not a valid windows image

Civixsi wrote:
I've had the same problem but with the Vista Business edition I got from
MSDN. Ive burnt over 10 dvd's now. I get the same messages as described
above. I've downloaded the .iso twice now. I've used Alcohol 120%,
ImgBurn, and on Ubuntu I used GnomeBaker and K3B. I get the same
messages trying to install on my laptop and my PC. I even swapped out
my DVD reader on my PC with a spare. Its driving me crazy! Did anyone
resolve this?

It's not really clear from your inquiry if you are trying to use "SPWIZENG.DLL" as the main file for burning a DVD.

A file that has the dll extension is not an image file but a system file. DLL is an acronym for "Dynamic Link Library". So if you are trying to burn a DVD (or whatever) with just this file alone, it won't work regardless of the software you use. You can use your software to burn a *copy* of this file to DVD (or whatever) for backup purposes or if you wanted to transfer the file to another computer for examples.

To burn a DVD from an image file, you need a valid image file; a common extension for image files is "iso".

For example: VistaBusiness.iso

Recheck your sources to make sure you are downloading the correct file. :-)