Re: SPWIZENG.DLL is not a valid windows image

Civixsi wrote:
Hmm, no I had the same problems as described above.

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by this!

I dont think just
burning that file to a dvd would give me those error messages.

Well of course you wouldn't get those error messages by just burning that particular file to a disk.....but if you had taken the time to comprehend what I wrote, you **would** get those error messages if you were trying to burn an image file and using the wrong file!

Last chance here........are you using a valid a valid image file or not?
What is the exact name of the image file you downloaded? Image files do not have dll extensions!

Respond in a clear and concise way and I will try to help you....if you can't do that and focus long enough to appreciate plus understand the help that someone is trying to give you then go solve the problem on your own and quit wasting my and others time.