Re: Undocumented Directx 9.0c Installation issue

You cannot install DirectX 9.0c in Vista because Vista already contains DirectX 10, which replaces all prior versions of DirectX. No solution offered by the Microsoft web site will allow you to install the older version of DirectX over the newer.

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"Jonathan H" <Jonathan H@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:BB8DBA82-28EE-4023-B066-9E89B8A1E1FE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi all, I have a brand new latest Intel chipped nVidia SLI PC with Vista Home
Premium 64 bit OS. I am trying to update DirectX to 9.0c and get an
installation failure which states "A cabinet file necessary for installation
cannot be trusted. Please verify the Cryptographic Services are enabled and
the cabinet file certificate is valid".

So, I have:

1) Checked that the Cryptographic Services are set to automatic
2) Run DXWebSetup as Administrator
3) Used RegSvr32 across all the crypto DLLs.
4) Unchecked the Certificate check boxes in IE / Tools / Options /
...all to no avail.

I cannot check the validity of the cabinet file certificate as it is
probably on-line and I have no idea where it is!! What is frustrating is that
all Vista Drivers are signed by my companies Time Stamp Server....maybe the
certificate on this cabinet file has expired....anyway - can any one help?
This must be a common problem (judging by the forums) but there is no
Microsoft documented solution.

Can anyone help please?