Re: Undocumented Directx 9.0c Installation issue

"Richard G. Harper" <rgharper@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You cannot install DirectX 9.0c in Vista because Vista already contains
DirectX 10, which replaces all prior versions of DirectX. No solution
offered by the Microsoft web site will allow you to install the older
version of DirectX over the newer.


You sure can install DirectX 9.0c in Vista. If you check the MS website
you will see that the latest DX9c, ver 9.22.1284, is supported for all
versions of MS OSs from 98 thru Server 2008, in both 32 and 64 bit
versions. The DX9c update includes both DX9c and DX10 components
that will be updated according to the individual OS requirements. DX10
is run in Vista only when DX10 hardware is installed. Even with DX10
hardware, DX9c components are still required.