Re: BSOD when trying to re-install Windows Ultimate 64bit

Have you tried booting it into "Safe Mode"? Press the F8 key when the flashing cursor is at the top left hand side of the screen before the Windows logo appears.

The text screen that will appear give you several options to complete the bootup into "Safe Mode".

JWHData wrote:
BSOD when trying to re-install Windows Ultimate 64bit

Hardware Configuration

Motherboard: Asus M2NPV-VM
Motherboard ID:09/20/2007-C51PV-MCP51-M2NPV-VM-00
(no added PCI cards)
2 - Seagate 320GB Sata2 Drives (Raid 1 Mirrored)
2 - Asus 1814BL Lightscribe Sata DVDRW Drives

2- Maxtor 40GB IDE Drives (Disconnected during re-install process)

Windows Ultimate 64bit was previously installed and running. A few days after installing Service Pack 1, I noticed that the 2 Seagate Sata drives were no longer mirrored. While attempting to re-establish the Raid 1 Mirrored setup I messed up and decided the best approach was to just wipe the 2 drives and re-install Windows Ultimate 64bit.

The install process goes OK until the first re-boot attempt which ends in the BSOD
0x0000007e (0xffffffffc0000005, 0xfffff98000e0eb98, 0xfffff98000e0e570)

I have re-connected my Windows XP Pro Maxtor 40GB IDE Drive in order to type this. I have also ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor (No Issues Noted) and the memory test (2Passes) twice with no issues showing up.

All suggestions welcome