Re: Window xp genuine

And Philo, I am a Microsoft Partwer, and System Builder.
So, no need to brag on here; it does not wash with me!
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"philo" wrote:

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What a load of crap, philo!

I liked reading your posts, but not after this garbage of you saying NEW
computer to run vista.

I've installed it on 6yo comps with updated Graphics and RAM, and it
Obviously, you don't know how to build anything!

You missed something.
The guy bought a machine on ebay.

Sure, one could take an older machine and add a lot of RAM and a high end
video card
and probably get Vista to run OK...
But considering the low price of new's not worth it.
(At least for most people)

I've got a lot of experience building machines.
FWIF: I'm a Microsoft authorized refurbisher. I've built literally hundereds
of machines...
more than likely the number is over 1000.

I've done a three month evaluation of Vista and stand by my statement
that it's really an OS for the newest H/W out there.

A dual core CPU, 2 gigs of RAM and a high end video card are really needed
to take full advantage of all of Vista's features.

Sure I can tweak it and get it to run on an older machine...
but for the OP and his ebay computer...
XP is the best choice I'm sure.

It's a big mistake to get caught in the upgrade game.
Better to save your money for the next tank of gas!

Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"philo" wrote:

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I just bought a PC from e-bay it appears the windows xp is not genuine
install windows vista upgrade if my windows xp is not genuine?

If the machine is old enough that it came with XP...
it will not run Vista very well, so forget that idea.

Vista is best for new computers only