Re: Uninstall Windows Vista and Install Windows XP

Doug, you did not upgrade to Vista; you did a clean install with an OEM vista
disk. So there is no roll back to XP.

Have to assume you still have your XP CD.

Go into BIOSat startup F2 orDELETE?, or F12 for Bot Order) and set your CD
drive to be 1st in the Boot Order.
Insert your XP CD, reboot.
Than load XP files, delete existing Vista partition, formatt that partition,
install XP.
The instructions are on the XP disk, just make sure you read carefully.

If you had a factory issued set of CDs for XP Recovery, followOEM
manufacturer's recommendations to reinstall.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Doug" wrote:

Thanks so much for your reply Andy,

Here is where I stand at this moment.

I have Win Vista Premium installed on drive C, with no other partitions on
said drive, and their
are no other HDD's or Os's installed. I have one DVD (D:) and one CD (E:)
optical drives installed, plus a
floppy in Drive (A:). I just want to downgrade back to XP. I'm pretty good
at pc's but, I have read so many
different scenarios on how to fix the boot.ini. NTDLR and so forth that it's
very confusing. I'm to the point where,
It would just be easier to get a new HDD. I have been running Vista since
it was first released. Nice eye candy but it is no where near as fast as XP.
(I surpass all minimum requirements for Vista by far!)

I'm just looking for a simple easy way to re-install XP again without all
the hassle. And to fix the boot loader.
The best and easier way to me is to do a reformat/Fdisk but even this leaves
the boot info behind.
I have a couple of programs that I want to try to do a total erase. They
are "Kill Disk", "Super Fdisk" and

I hope that I can help you with an annoyance or problem.




"andy" wrote:

On Mon, 26 May 2008 00:33:01 -0700, Doug
<Doug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have searched hi and low for an easy way to revert back to XP from a Vista
Premium OEM install.
Of course the error message comes up after reboot "Unable To Load OS".
I have tried even to dual boot with no success.

I have used the following programs to revert back to XP:

-Vista Boot Pro
-Paragon Partition Manager Professional
-Acronis Disk Director Suite

Paragon worked but I was unable to dual boot and it left Vista intact on the
I deleted the Vista partition after a good XP install and when I rebooted I
was faced with
the "Unable To Load OS" error message.

You should describe in some detail how your hardware, in particular
how many disks are connected and what are on the partitions on said
disks, is configured. You should state where on the disk Vista is
installed, and where you want XP to be installed.

A good XP install implies that you are able to boot to Windows XP.
Deleting the Vista partition and being unable to boot to XP suggests
that the Vista partition is the Windows XP system partition.

Does anyone have an EASY solution for this problem? As in a complete hard
drive erase to clear
the boot files?

Boot computer with XP CD, select partition that Vista is currently on,
format the partition, and complete the installation.

Any help or links would be so greatly appreciated :-)