Re: Will Group Policy Work For this?

"Emory Tech" <EmoryTech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What I have found is a policy where you can tell windows to ignore
whether a
driver is signed or not. What I wanted to know is can I make a vista
and configure it so that when I deploy it this ignore the driver
policy will be enable so I can install the driver during the windows
If not then does someone know an easy way to get windows vista to use
unsigned drivers during the windows install.

I had what looks like a similar situation where an add-in card I've been
working with has an unsigned driver. I found that if I install the card
and driver, then uninstall the card (but not the driver) before pulling
an image, it will silently install the driver if the card is in the
machine during OOBE.

Hope this helps!



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