Re: installed wrong

If message appeared telling you that the installation failed the it should have 'rolled back'. By rolling back it removes all the files it previously 'attempted' to install leaving your system as it was before you attempted the install. It hasn't made any alterations to your system and you suddenly haven't acquired over 700MB of files you can't use.

The question is: Why did the install fail?

Take a look at the following links to see if they help:

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"ron" <ronaldlanzlotta@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:A6434B86-6B21-446A-A315-BA6B0ACA0DEA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i tryied to install service pk1 for vista all languages but it would not
install.what happened to that file does it just go away? i downloaded a large
file over over 700mb
what happens to it when it wont install?thanks ron
ron lanzilotta

ron lanzilotta