When i try to reinstall windows vista my computer goes slow. Urgent please

Well, as you can see in Description then I goes black. It goes to show a mouse. It goes to show chose languge. It goes just rly nothing. is a quite detailed problem it really ignoreing becouse it was up all night and i took my power cable out and i let it update. and when its at fist update then it just stops and shuts down. Should be 100% powered up.

I have a Dell XPS M1530 computer its 1 month old. Or somthing like that. I havent called Dell yet to ask him but yea it will be nice if you can help me .

Ohh btw im only 14 years old so if you could please do it detailed for me since i have had other HDD errors and sometimes i just gave up even that im really good at computers i diident have so much experience with Computers and hopefully you that helps me :)

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