Re: 4oD installation problem windows vista

JTLodge;664838 Wrote:
I am trying to install 4oD on my vista home premium lap top but i keep
"Error 1904.module
C:\windows\systems32\macromed\flash\flash9d.ocx failed to register.

Any ideas how i can solve this?

If I open up 4oD I keep getting an internet explorer script error.

i had this problem on my laptop too, i was at it for days and i
eventually contacted 4od its self and the reply i got was this

1. Right-click anywhere on the player window and select 'Options'.
2. At the bottom uncheck the Turn on DirectX Video Acceleration for
3. Click Apply and then OK

Please try to play 4oD content again.

them at 4od said that when it came up module 1904 that it was ok as
long as i done this it would work i could hear the audio of the
programmes but couldnt see them, but since i done this it was working
straight away, i also was using a vista home premium laptop 32bit