Re: Vista on 256 MB RAM

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After reading some of these posts
I'm kind of shocked at the amouont of Memory, high speed processors
and video capacity you seem toneed to
just , get modest " Office Rat" performance out of Vista.

There's no question about it, VISTA is a resource hog that has faaar
too many background processes running. So many, I don't consider
it as a stable and 'quiet' enough OS to do critical audio and video.

I'm sure somewhere down the line they'll tweak the code so it will run
on more modest hardware.

Quite the opposite. It's probably here to stay, with the intent to be the
forced upgrade of hardware and the satisfaction of Homeland Security.

Hence, the decision by many to run Windows XP and see what happens
down the line

Be careful with Service Pack 3.... I haven't examined it yet, but I suspect
that it's servant to Homeland Security as well.

My local Fry's Electronics software department manager informs me that
he sold more retail box and OEM copies of XP since the release of VISTA,
than he did in the two years prior.