Re: No "repair my computer" option.

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Thanks for all the information. Thanks to Znod for his helpful suggestion.
Daze N. Knights, I thought I had asked for the disk. However, I only asked
if my disk would allow me to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows as
often as I wanted.
This seems to be a common problem. Surely the responsibility lies with
Microsoft for allowing this. Microsoft uses the recovery options as a selling
Incidently, have Microsoft stopped offering technical support? On several
occasions in the past I was able to email Microsoft and get help. I can't
find such an option now.

"Daze N. Knights" wrote:

True! Good recommendation.

Znod wrote:
> OP, you can use 'this software '
> (
> take care of your issue.

It is the decision of the computer manufacturer/vendor as to what recovery facilities exist. HP are maybe the best of the bunch in this respect. One gets what one pays for..

I couldn't get ZNods link to open.. just a 404 error..

Good luck..

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