Re: Home Premium Upgrade to Ultimate Using Family Offer Plan License

The additional licenses that came with the family upgrade offer were to upgrade an existing system to Windows Vista Home Premium. Unless the licenses say they're specifically for Vista Ultimate, you won't be able to use those licenses to upgrade.

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"DocB1973" <DocB1973@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:F1CC26DE-0E53-4C57-8949-3FC5F0700551@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In 2007 I purchased the Vista Ultimate upgrade retail package along with two
additional license through the family offer plan. I am not currently using
the additional licenses. Last month I purchased a Dell notebook PC with
Vista Home Premium. I attempted to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Vista
Ultimate by using the retail DVD and one of the license from the family offer
plan. Everything works up to the point where I am to choose between an
upgrade or a clean install. The upgrade is grayed out and a message appears
that says the upgrade is disabled. I really want to upgrade versus a clean
install because of the many software packages I would have to reinstall.

Is it possible to do what I am attempting to do? Appreciate any help as all
your online information tells me this can be done.

Thanks - Doc